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Grill Blaster

Introducing the hottest new product for the
2016 BBQ season!
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The coolest (hottest?) BBQ thing I've ever used!!! Great gift!
G. Brady, South Surrey, BC

I love the Grill Blaster! Got it for my hubby. I admit I was skeptical - wasn't sure how well it would work - we BBQ a LOT - and messy stuff - fish, chicken, ribs, stuff that sticks. My husband puts this on the grill after our food is done and just leaves it on for about 15 minutes. I think the instructions say to put it on the grill during the warm up process so you don't use extra propane (we have natural gas direct line) but we find it easier to set the timer and leave it on during dinner and then turn off the grill. Next time we go to BBQ it's already done - you really just brush away the ashes. Works great. Very cool product. Fast shipping too. Thanks!

Hi, my name is Lee Kehler and I am the owner and president of "GrillBlaster".

Hi, my name is Lee Kehler and I am the owner and president of "GrillBlaster".

Grill Blaster was designed and patented as an efficient way to clean and sterilize most BBQ’s. Millions of backyard grills in America are used on a daily basis with little thought to the potential dangers of disease that can be associated with food residue left on the grilling surface and in the BBQ chamber. Traditional grill brushes do little to actually clean the grilling surface. Chemical sprays are unhealthy and do little to sterilize the grill.

Grill Blaster is a metal device that is placed on the grilling surface and can be adjusted to most grill sizes. Grill Blaster is most effective when used on propane or natural gas grills as the key to sterilization of the BBQ is raising the temperature in the chamber over 600 degrees. The cleaning process is similar to the one used in the typical self-cleaning oven. It is important to remove the grease pan from the rear of the BBQ before proceeding. Failure to do so can result in excessive heat that could damage the BBQ. Simply, turn burners on high, close the lid and wait for the process to begin. The first time Grill Blaster will create a lot of smoke. This is turning all food residue to carbon ash. It is important to note that Grill Blaster should not be left on the grill for more than 20 minutes. When the smoke stops the process is complete.

A little known fact is that creatures find an ideal source of food from the home BBQ. Little is done to prevent these animals from dining on the food residue that falls of the grill surface into the BBQ chamber. It is a known fact the both coasts of the United States have an abundance of rats that dine on the home BBQ. In general most American home BBQ's are invaded by mice, rats and insects. All outdoor grills a subject to this issue. Grill Blaster was designed to turn all food particulate in the chamber to carbon ash through a process of sublimation (Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase). Once the food source is gone critters have no reason to visit. Grill Blaster is a safe efficient way to eliminate a problem that most homeowners choose to ignore.

Please send me your thoughts on barbecuing and/or some BBQ recipes.

Lee Kehler