. Grill Blaster Facts on cleaning a barbecue grill

Frequently Asked Questions

Facts on Cleaning a BBQ Grill

1. Q- How does the Grill Blaster clean my grill for me?

A- The Grill Blaster works on the principal of “sublimation”. This process can convert food debris to carbon ash by simply increasing the heat at the surface greater than 765 degrees Fahrenheit. This would normally be impossible, as most barbecues only reach temperatures of 480 degrees Fahrenheit. The Grill Blaster was designed in such a way to trap gases beneath the grate, thus increasing the heat generated under the Grill Blaster and creating the heat needed to make this process possible.

2. Q- Will the heat of the Grill Blaster damage my BBQ?

A- We have tested Grill Blaster on just about every barbecue we could get our hands on, and had no problems. We highly recommend you consult your owners’ manual for the maximum temperature rating for your particular grill, prior to using your Grill Blaster.

3. Q- How long can I leave the Grill blaster on my BBQ?

A- The Grill Blaster should be removed after a maximum of 20 minutes on the grill. The majority of cleaning will have happened by this time and removing it promptly will ensure your BBQ won’t overheat.

4. Q- Where can I purchase a Grill Blaster?

A- You may purchase the Grill Blaster by clicking the link at the top of this page. We accept all credit cards or PayPal.

5. Q- How big is the Grill Blaster?

A- The Grill Blaster is 16” deep (40.6 cm) and 18” wide (45.7 cm). The Grill Blaster is adjustable in width up to 32” wide (81.3 cm).

6. Q- The Grill Blaster is too deep for my BBQ. Is there a smaller version available?

A- We have tested the Grill Blaster on all kinds of BBQ’s. On several we tested the unit was 2”-3” deeper than the grill surface. Having the Grill Blaster frame extend out of the BBQ lid didn’t effect the performance of the Grill Blaster in any way. We don’t offer a smaller version of the Grill Blaster at this time, but we hope to have a “tailgate” version out soon!