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Barbecue Grill Cleaning made easy Testimonials

I thought my grill was beyond repair!
Marc Sosne, Clover, SC

I thought I'd never cook on the grates again. Once I used the Grill Blaster on it I couldn't believe how the grates were restored to almost new quality. Now I use the Grill Blaster each time I want to cook on the grill and the results are outstanding. An extra benefit is that there is no longer dried up meat on the grates as the grill sits on my deck. I am confident that this is much healthier for my family.

Simple and effective - no scraping!
N. Halket, Ladner, BC

I used this product all last summer and it works just like it is supposed to. Put it on, take it off, wipe away the ashes - done! This is a great alternative to scraping in between every barbecue session and eliminates the dreaded end of year clean-up using rubber gloves, scraper and oven cleaner! For me, this makes barbecuing even more enjoyable.

The coolest (hottest?) BBQ thing I've ever used!!! Great gift!
G. Brady, South Surrey, BC

I love the GrillBlaster! Got it for my hubby. I admit I was skeptical - wasn't sure how well it would work - we BBQ a LOT - and messy stuff - fish, chicken, ribs, stuff that sticks. My husband puts this on the grill after our food is done and just leaves it on for about 15 minutes. I think the instructions say to put it on the grill during the warm up process so you don't use extra propane (we have natural gas direct line) but we find it easier to set the timer and leave it on during dinner and then turn off the grill. Next time we go to BBQ it's already done - you really just brush away the ashes. Works great. Very cool product. Fast shipping too. Thanks!

Another satisfied customer
N. Halket, Ladner, BC

The Grill Blaster, BBQ Cleaning System is quite an invention! I have used the Grill Blaster for one full BBQ season, and can’t say enough about it. The efficiency with which it cleans your grill is amazing. After the Blaster has scoured your grill, the grill top looks like new and is ready to perform its next task. We do appreciate the new blaster, and it will get lots of use. We will keep mentioning it to all of our friends.